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Angling Club Vaals ’68

since 1968

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Angling in the south of Limburg near the Three-Country-Point

Schatten unter Teamfotos.

A warm welcome to the internet site of angling club Vaals ’68. Our ponds are situated in Vaals at the base of the Vaalserberg and are the highest fishing ponds in the Netherlands.

The ponds once belonged to the Camillianen priests, who used to live in the monastery at the Eschberg in Vaals. Now and then, the members of the club maintain the fishing ponds and the land surrounding them. In the three ponds you can catch pike, bass, roach, carp and tench, just to mention a few. Due to maintenance work two of the three ponds are not accessible, but the biggest pond is open to the public. Please have a look at our club rules before you start.

You can find us right next to the holiday park Landal “Hoog Vaals” where you can also use the public car park. The entrance to the fishing ponds is located at the back of the main building and signs will show you the direction. You need a permit to fish in our ponds. Day and week permits can be bought at the reception of the park and it is always possible to become a member of the club. On most Tuesday evenings and weekends you can find some members of the club on the premises or you can always contact us by phone or email. 

New members are welcome.

“The ponds once belonged to the Camillianen priests, who used to live in the monastery at the Eschberg in Vaals.”

“the rules”

Club rules

Every angler must be in possession of a valid permit (year, week or day). This license is not transferable. It must be shown on request to authorised persons. Authorised persons are police, members, board members and inspectors. Inspectors are in possession of a valid identity document, signed by the president and secretary of the club. If club rules are impeded, they have the right to revoke the license, after which disciplinary actions against the offender will be taken by the board in consultation with the inspector.

It is strictly prohibited to cause or allow any damage to the vegetation, the fishing ponds, surrounding area, buildings or any other property of the club. Waste, food waste, excess fish food, etc. are not to be disposed in the water. There are enough bins on the premises. You are to leave your fishing location in a clean and tidy condition.

Fishing is allowed from one hour before dawn till one hour after sunset. Night fishing is prohibited unless permission has been given by the board of the club for designated nights.

Seniors may fish with two rods, juniors (under 16 years) with one rod. Surface fishing with floating bait is not allowed. Your fishing rod(s) must be within reach at all times. When leaving the fishing location, the rod(s) have to be taken out of the water and the bait removed. The use of a keep net is only allowed during matches.

Respect fish and treat them with respect and practice "Catch & Release" by releasing them back into the water as soon as possible.

A landing net and proper de-hooking equipment is compulsory . Catching fish with a landing net is prohibited. Fishing with more than one line is prohibited. Fishing with more than one hook is prohibited (except lures for predatory fish). When carp fishing, the use of a braided line is prohibited (with the exception of the leader).

Fishing with "live bait" is not allowed (including live fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds or mammals). Fishing with maggots, worms, mosquito larvae etc. is allowed (except coloured maggots). Digging for worms on the premises is not allowed. Feeding fish or creating feeding spots is prohibited.

Open fires and/or barbecue are prohibited. It is also prohibited to use tents, bivvies or windshields. Only allowed is an umbrella or an umbrella with overwrap. It is not allowed to disturb people (music, running, screaming, etc.). Bicycles and mopeds are not allowed near the fishing waters. Dogs must be leashed.

In case of loss or damage to property belonging to anglers and visitors, as well as accidents or injuries, the club cannot be held liable. Damages to property belonging to the club will be penalised with strict measures.

The board will always decide in favour of the inspector.

In cases not covered by these rules  the board decides.

“Angling….. always with permit”

Day & Week Permits

Fishing without a permit is not allowed and punishable by law. When asked, you have to be able to show a year, week or day permit. Week and day permits can be bought at the reception of Landal "Hoog Vaals".

Day Permit

Junior <16 yrs

€ 3,00

Day Permit


€ 7,50

Week Permit

Junior <16 yrs

€ 10,00

Week Permit


€ 20,00

“Want to fish whenever you like?

Become a member.”

Become a member

Want to be a member?

No problem. Just download the application form and send it to our mail address which can be found at the bottom of this page. You’ll receive the payment details and permit as soon as possible.

Year Permit


€ 30,00

Year Permit


€ 20,00

This year, the price for a junior year permit is still reduced from €12,50 to €10,-. Canceling your membership must be done in writing to the secretary.

Application form

Year Permit

Junior <16 years

€ 10,00


Questions? Feel free to contact us


+31 651689057

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